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 We have been focusing on "Transporters", membrane proteins responsible for the selective transport of solutes across the biological membranes. By understanding of the structure and function of transporters, and by elucidating the intermolecular interactions and the regulatory mechanisms of transport functions, we would like to reveal the importance of transporters in various cell- and tissue-specific functions under physiological and pathological conditions. Evaluation of transporters as novel targets for drug developments is also in our scope. To achieve that, in addition to traditional biochemical and pharmacological transport analyses, we apply a wide range of experimental techniques such as proteomic analysis specialized for membrane proteins, phosphorylated proteomics, metabolomics, phenotypical analysis of genetically modified animals. Our research covers the multiple biological hierarchy including molecules, cells, tissues, organs and whole body.


  • A review article on amino acid transporters by Prof. Kanai and Prof. M. Hediger was published in TIBS. (2018.08.31)
  • Prof. X. He from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has visited our lab by JSPS International Fellowships for Research in Japan. (2018.07.21-09.24)
  • Prof. Kanai was selected as the Second Vice President of IUPHAR (International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology). (2018.07.04)
  • Ms. Jin and Mr. Huang won the prize of "Excellent Poster Presentation" at the Campus Asia Faculty meeting, Symopsium and Workshop! (2018.03.07)
  • We have renewed our website! (2018.03.01)
  • Assistant Prof. Ohgaki's paper was published in Sci Rep. (2017.12.13)
  • The 132nd Japanese Pharmacological Society Kinki Bransh Meeting was held in Osaka.
    Prof. Kanai has served as the chairman of the meeting. (2017.11.24)
  • Associate Prof. Nagamori has moved as a professor at the Laboratory of Bio-Molecular Dynamics, Department of Collaborative Research, Nara Medical University. (2017.10.01)
  • Assistant Prof. Ohgaki's paper was published in Mol Cell Biol. (2017.06.01)
  • A news article on our research was released by a newspaper, Yomiuri Shimbun. (2017.03.15)
  • Dr. Kongpracha's paper was published in J Pharmacol Sci. (2017.02.09)
  • (From 2017.1.1)